Location University of Technology Sydney, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology
App. deadline 30/09/2019
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Eligibility Australian residents only

Studying Single Aerosol Nucleation using Optical Tweezers

Ice formation in the atmosphere plays a significant role in many processes, including, for example, helping to keep the Earth cool by reflecting incoming solar radiation. A detailed understanding of the process at the single droplet level remains incomplete, however.

In this project the aim will be to develop single particle techniques to observe and probe droplet nucleation using optical manipulation and optical spectroscopy. It will involve the development of a cooling system that enables both homogeneous and heterogeneous freezing of microscopic and nanoscopic particles to be explored in a completely controlled environment. A focus will be on implementing optical manipulation techniques that can trap both transparent and opaque materials and on developing strategies to control orientation of absorbing particles to facilitate contact nucleation studies.

In parallel to this, the project will also examine freezing of bulk samples, including developing previous work on hydrocarbons and biofuel analogues, making use of Raman spectroscopy. It will also examine the ability of optical manipulation tools to explore nucleation in microfluidic environments.

This project is available in the group of Prof. David McGloin, whose group at UTS aims to develop new optical instrumentation with applications in light-matter interactions, aerosol science, biophotonics and imaging.

Scholarships are tax-free and valued at $27,082 pa (indexed annually) for 3 years. Top-up scholarships, up to a maximum value of $12,000pa (for 3 years), may also be allocated to exceptional domestic candidates awarded competitive scholarships.

The ideal candidate will have a strong honours degree or equivalent in an area such as physics, photonics, physical chemistry, environmental engineering, electronic engineering or other related backgrounds.

For information about any of the projects and details on how to apply please contact David McGloin david.mcgloin@uts.edu.au

Closing dates: Australian Domestic students: 30th September 

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