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Investigating novel therapeutics for the treatment of traumatic brain injury

Applications from motivated domestic and international graduates are invited to undertake a PhD/Higher Degree by Research (HDR) to investigate a novel therapeutic in a clinically relevant model following traumatic brain injury. This project is NHMRC funded and will use our well-characterised pre-clinical large animal model of traumatic brain injury, with evaluation of its effects via a comprehensive behavioural battery, neuroimaging (DTI and rs-fMRI) and immunohistochemical analysis of axonal injury.  Traumatic brain injury is the leading cause of death and disability in those under the age of 45. The most devastating complication of a traumatic brain injury is diffuse axonal injury causing persistent motor and cognitive deficits. Importantly we have preclinical evidence to show that we have identfied a novel therapeutic that can reduce axonal injury following traumatic brain injury. This project will take the next step to investigate its therapeutic potential in a model of TBI that closely replicates the clinical situation.

This will be under the supervision of Dr Frances Corrigan within the Head Injury laboratory at the University of South Australia.

Students will possess an undergraduate degree with Honours in Biomedical Science, Health Sciences or equivalent degree. Interested students must be eligible for enrolment in a PhD program at University of South Australia and eligible to apply for an Australian Postgraduate Award or equivalent.


Corrigan F, Thornton E, Roisman LC, Leonard AV, Vink R, Blumbergs P, Masters C, Van den Heuvel C and Cappai R. The neuroprotective activity of the amyloid precursor protein against traumatic brain injury is mediated via the heparin binding site in residues 96-110 Journal of Neurochemistry (2014) 128(1) 196-204

Corrigan F, Vink R, Blumbergs P, Masters C, Van den Heuvel C and Cappai R. sAPPα rescues deficits in amyloid precursor protein knockout mice following focal traumatic brain injury. Journal of Neurochemistry (2012) 122(1) 208-220

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