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Location University of New South Wales, School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences
App. deadline 20/07/2018
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Eligibility Open to international applicants

Investigating the molecular signature of autism through integrative genomics

A UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarship is available for a highly qualified and motivated candidate, to work on an integrative genomics project supervised by an interdisciplinary team (details below). Scientia PhD scholars receive AUD 40,000 scholarship for 4 years, plus up to AUD 10,000 for professional development and career coaching support.

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Dr. Irina Voineagu, ARC Future fellow,


Accumulating evidence demonstrates that genetic variation implicated in complex disorders is primarily located in non-coding regulatory regions such as enhancers. We have previously demonstrated that brain-specific enhancers are enriched for variants associated with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). This NHMRC-funded project will take an integrative genomics approach to link genes dysregulated in ASD brain to distal regulatory enhancers. The project will employ a combination of ATAC-seq, RNA-seq, and whole genome sequencing data, as well as genome editing, to determine the contribution of genetic variation in enhancer regions to ASD. The genetic data will be further integrated with clinical phenotypic data to identify ASD subtypes.

This project involves a combination of cutting-edge genomics methods and molecular biology approaches, as well as statistical genetics analyses. It would be suitable for a candidate with a background in bioinformatics and/or molecular biology. The ideal candidate will have experience in basic molecular biology techniques (molecular cloning, PCR, qRT-PCR), cell culture, and either experience in bioinformatics or an interest in acquiring bioinformatics skills. The ideal candidate would also have an interest in translational and clinical aspects of ASD genetics.

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Dr Irina Voineagu