Location Monash University, Department of Business Law and Taxation
App. deadline 31/10/2018
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Eligibility Open to international applicants

PhD Scholarships in Business Law and Taxation

PHD Opportunities in Law

The Department of Business Law and Taxation is one of Australia’s most established and dynamic business law departments with a strong research culture. Our research expertise includes labour regulation and workplace law in Australia and Asia, corporate regulation and corporate social responsibility, international trade and international commercial law, comparative business law in Asia and natural resources and energy tax law and policy. Located in the Faculty of Business and Economics, our researchers use traditional legal, empirical legal comparative and interdisciplinary methods.

The Opportunity

If you are looking for rigorous graduate training and want to make a substantial research contribution with your PhD research, the Department of Business Law and Taxation at Monash University is offering $5000 p.a top-up scholarships. These scholarships act on top of the full fee scholarships and stipends ($27k circa) offered by Monash University for suitably qualified applicants.

The top-up scholarships are available in all areas of business law and taxation, but we specifically encourage applicants with interests in the identified project areas below, which align with our research priorities and experienced supervisors. Applications are encouraged from high-achieving domestic and international graduates in law or related disciplines and practising lawyers or other professionals working in law-related roles.

Project Areas

Click on the links below for more information on the project areas.

Socio-legal studies of labour in the Asia-Pacific region

Empirical studies in this project area might explore the effectiveness of labour dispute resolution, the role of formal and informal actors and institutions in resolving labour disputes or the interactions between formal and informal forms of regulation that affect labour regulation.

The evolution of legal classifications of workers as employees or contractors in response to the gig economy

Projects could explore the employer/contractor distinction using empirical, comparative and/or traditional legal methods.

Effectiveness of gender equality regulatory frameworks

This project area anticipates studies which explore the effectiveness of specific regulatory initiatives and approaches designed to increase female participation in senior management or on corporate boards.

International trade law

Using traditional legal or empirical methods, research might explore the role of different actors in making, shaping, implementing and enforcing international trade law, the inclusion of human rights and environmental provisions in trade agreements or issues around hierarchy, fragmentation and legitimacy of international trade courts and tribunals.

Tax law and policy - Natural resources and energy justice

Research exploring tax law and policy reform, such as tax incentives, resource rents or royalties are anticipated in this project area. Projects employing an ‘energy justice’ framework are especially welcome.


The Department usually recruits candidates with a relevant bachelor or master’s degree awarded at H1 level and which includes a research component. For example, a minor thesis or honours dissertation. The Department will also take into account an applicant’s professional experience and non-academic research as well as any academic research experience or publications. Please see the BLT scholarships page for more details. https://www.monash.edu/business/business-law-and-taxation/research/graduate-research-programs

Applicants must apply for admission to a Monash PhD with the Monash Business School. Check your eligibility and get information on how to lodge an expression of interest. www.monash.edu/business/future-students/research-degrees/how-to-apply 

To Apply

1. There are two rounds each year for both international and domestic applicants for a Monash PhD Scholarship. Interested candidates are advised to commence an application six weeks prior to the application closing dates. www.monash.edu/graduate-research/future-students/apply/application/guide 

Interested candidates should send an expression of interest to buseco-research.degrees@monash.edu and attach a full CV (including details of specific grades and transcripts if available). You are encouraged to apply 4-6 weeks prior to the scholarship application closing dates.

2. To express your interest in the Department of Business Law and Taxation top-up PhD Scholarship please send your CV, a copy of your academic transcripts and a 1-2 page cover letter which outlines your research skills, experience and why this PhD opportunity interests you to Nicola.charwat@monash.edu. Suitable applicants will be sent an Invitation to Apply for a Monash PhD and will be considered for the BLT top-up scholarship. For more information about the Top-Up Scholarship or the Department’s Law PhD Program, contact Nicola.charwat@monash.edu.

3. You will need to prepare a written research proposal, select and make contact with a prospective supervisor to discuss the proposal and the prospect of supervision. See the project areas above and the BLT graduate research pages for sample proposals.

Closing Dates for Scholarship Applications (you should make your enquiries well before these dates)

Domestic students - First round: 31 May 2018 - Second round: 31 October 2018

International students - Second round: 31 August 2018

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Further Information / Application Enquiries

Dr Nicola Charwat