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Gravitational Wave Instrumentation Ph.D. Projects

Gravitational Wave Instrumentation PhD Projects

Physics, University of Western Australia

ARC Centre of Excellence for Gravitational Wave Discovery

The detection of gravitational waves started a new era for gravitational wave astronomy. The 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to 3 gravitational waves physicists. The UWA instrumentation team in the new ARC Centre of Excellence for Gravitational Wave Discovery (OzGrav http://www.ozgrav.org) has been working on the gravitational wave detector techniques for decades.  Our UWA team is part of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration and contributed some key technologies towards the detection of the gravitational waves.  We work on developing techniques to further improve the sensitivity of the advanced detectors and the 3rd generation detectors.  The development of advanced techniques to improve the sensitivity of gravitational wave detectors leads to exciting new physics phenomena and techniques that may have application beyond gravitational wave detectors.

Our group has friendly, vibrant environment with many PhD, Master, Honours students, as well as international intern students.  We welcome highly motivated students to join our exciting and challenging research at the frontiers of both physics and engineering. You will be linked to an international community of physicists and engineers all focussed on technology beyond current capabilities, and applying it to the discovery of gravitational waves created by colliding black holes and other extreme systems.

Our projects include

  • Opto-mechanics: precision quantum measurement techniques, both on tabletop scales and on large scale high optical power systems
  • Control of parametric instabilities
  • High performance vibration isolation system and control
  • Airborne mineral exploration instrumentation
  • Seismic sensing and imaging for seismic noice reduction

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Prof. Li Ju  (li.ju@uwa.edu.au)

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