Location University of Wollongong, ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science
App. deadline 30/04/2019
  • Scholarship available
Eligibility Open to international applicants

Using Threads and Electrophoretics to Deliver Bioactive Components in Gels

This project will enable development of a controlled delivery system based on thread based electrophoretics that allows bioactive molecules to be delivered into gels with a view to reabsorption of a system that enables delivery into tissues.

It has been demonstrated that simple charged ionic species can be transported across single yarns and threads in simple textile electrofluidic systems. More recently, it has also been shown that it is possible to transport these charges species into gel media where the transported material diffuses into the gel.  Importantly these transported materials are re-collected and focussed at the outlet end of the fibre-gel interface and ultimately removed from the system providing a route for subsequent chemical analysis of the eluted material.

With this proof of concept demonstrated, it is now proposed that we investigate not only single yarn transportation systems, and their specific interactions with transported media (both into and out of the gel), but also more complex fabricated (knitted/braided) textile structures.  Using this approach it is possible to select specific fibres/yarns that will have affinity or specificity for analytes transported in and out of the gel media that may house cells of interest to the SBS program.  These fibres can feature specifically modified surfaces to promote targeted interactions and or composite fibres (melt or gel extruded) that may be produced to target analytes of interest.

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