Location Deakin University, Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition
App. deadline 31/10/2018
  • Scholarship available
Eligibility Australian and New Zealand residents

Addressing the challenges of increasing children's physical activity levels

This project examines changes in children’s physical activity and sedentary behaviours following participation in school-based activity sessions.

Physical inactivity and excessive sedentary behaviour are key contributors to poor physical and mental health. However, most Australian youth do not do enough physical activity and spend too much time sitting, and efforts to increase activity levels have largely failed. One reason for this could be that children change their behaviour (i.e., compensate) after being physically active, resulting in no net change in daily physical activity. However, it is not known whether children do compensate their activity behaviours, and, if they do, whether they are aware of such changes.

This project will explore this possible phenomenon by experimentally testing whether primary school children change the kinds of physical activity and sedentary behaviours that they engage in following three, one-off 90 minute sessions delivered at school. This PhD project is nested within an ARC Discovery Project. This project is expected to commence 05/02/2018.

To apply go to http://bit.ly/2g9J20Z

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Further Information / Application Enquiries

Dr Nicola Ridgers
+61 3 9244 6718