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Location University of Queensland, School of Social Science
App. deadline 17/01/2018
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Eligibility Open to international applicants

Re-evaluating forager-farmer plant use in Anatolia's Neolithic transition

Global Archaeological Science Scholarships Round 1

Supervisors: Alison Crowther (UQ), Andrew Fairbairn (UQ) and Douglas Baird (Liverpool, UK)

In a collaboration with the University of Liverpool, this ARC-funded scholarship project will undertake starch and residue analysis of artefacts and dental calculus from the sites of Boncuklu and Pinarbasi in central Turkey, aiming to understand the role of ground seed foods, underground storage organs and other plant foods in the diet and economy of some of the earliest farming societies outside southwest Asia’s Fertile Crescent. Analysis will focus on the record of plant use at forger-farmer Boncuklu, occupied from c. 8,300-7,500 cal BC and one of the ancestral sites of World Heritage Catalhoyuk East (see and also evaluate residues from arefacts from the nearby site of Pinarbasi, occupied from c 14,000 BC. Starch and residue analysis, undertaken in the field and lab, will be complemented by new phases of collaborative lipid analysis (MPI-SHH, Germany), phytolith research (Emma Jenkins, Bournemouth), macrofossil research (Andrew Fairbairn) and a range of other archaeological analyses, aiming to establish the diversity of plant food use and procurement during the farming transition.

Key publication: Baird D., Fairbairn A.S., Martin L., 2016. The animate house, the institutionalisation of the household in Neolithic central Anatolia. World Archaeology.

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