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Location University of Queensland, School of Social Science
App. deadline 18/01/2018
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The palaeoclimate and palaeoenvironmental record of Barrow Island, northwestern Australia

Global Archaeological Science Scholarships Round 1

Recent archaeological excavations on Barrow Island have revealed an early and sustained occupation of this arid, coastal region of northwest Australia. Initial settlement began approximately 50ka BP, when sea levels were lower and the area was part of the coastal hinterland ranges of the Greater Continent of Australia. Occupation continued until the mid-Holocene, when the area was cut-off from the mainland due to rising sea levels. Limited palaeoclimate and palaeoenvironmental records exist for this region and northwestern Australia in general. However, Boodie Cave, on Barrow Island, has a remarkable Late Pleistocene and early Holocene record that spans the last 77, 000 years. This PhD research project would focus on investigating the palaeoclimatic and palaeoenvironmental history through the analysis of microfauna from the Barrow island sites.

Key publication: Veth, P., Ward, I., Manne, T., Ulm, S., Ditchfield, K., Dortch, J., Hook, F., Petchey, F., Hogg, A. Questiaux, D. Demuro, M., Arnold, L., Spooner, N., Levchenko, V., Skippington, J., Byrne, C., Basgall, M., Zeanah, D., Belton, D., Helmholz, P., Bajkan, S and R. Bailey. 2017. Early assemblages from Barrow Island, North-West Australia, document the systematic exploitation of a drowned coastal desert and Pleistocene marine zone. Quaternary Science Reviews 168: 19-29.

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