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Molecular Mechanisms of Age-related Mobility Loss in C. elegans

Aging is characterized by the progressive physiological functional decline of tissues. Impaired motor ability is one of the most obvious phenomena observed in aging populations. Our previous study of C. elegans demonstrates that impaired locomotion during early-life is the direct result of deficient neurotransmitter release in motor neurons. However, the molecular mechanism for this process is not well understood. 

In this project, the Ph.D. candidate will investigate the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying age-related functional decline in synaptic vesicle fusion in motor neurons during early life, and develop new genetic and pharmacological interventions that delay the functional deterioration at neuromuscular junctions, which further extends lifespan in the model organism. The Ph.D. candidate will be trained in using different techniques including molecular biology, biochemistry, calcium imaging, behavioral analysis, electrophysiology, bioinformatics, and optogenetics. 

The MBio Discovery Ph.D. studentships will cover the tuition and provide a stipend for the qualified students. 

For more information please send an email through to Dr. Jie Liu (Jie.liu1@monash.edu).

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