About PhDSeek.com

PhDSeek.com is a modern, easy and convenient platform for promoting PhD degrees within Australia. PhDSeek.com allows supervisors and advertisers of PhD degrees and programmes to quickly and easily create listings containing the key information that prospective students require when researching a PhD.

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Listing on PhDSeek.com has many benefits compared to more traditional media. These benefits include...

  • ...the fact it costs nothing to advertise on PhDSeek.com. Whether you have one or 100+ listings, there's no charge
  • ...you not having to repetitively respond to general PhD enquiries. Instead prospective students can read about what you have to offer on PhDSeek.com, reducing the amount of time you spend sending out e-mails covering the same points
  • ...any prospective student from across the world can access your listing. Because you specify if a position is open to international students or not, they will immediately know if they are eligible though
  • ...you maintain control as to when the listing appears on (or disappears from) the website
  • ...PhDSeek.com uses some of the latest technologies and fashions to increase exposure of your listings, including RSS and easy linkage to social networking sites like facebook
  • ...and best of all the biggest benefit that PhDSeek.com will have over all other mediums is that it is dedicated to one thing and students have only one thing in mind when using this website. They will stay here longer looking for what they want, because they know they stand more chance of finding it here in 10 minutes than they would if they spent 20 minutes trawling through countless false-positive search results elsewhere.

The future: Once an adequate pool of listings has been established, phase two of the PhDSeek.com development cycle is to introduce a search & find facility to help users find the PhD listings that will interest them faster.

PhDSeek.com plans to advertise in student publications, on various related websites as well as increase exposure through press-releases, organic search results and of course word-of-mouth.

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