Unfortunately PhDSeek.com cannot offer assistance on an individual basis as every student’s circumstances are different. Given the number of universities and institutes that offer postgraduate positions and the varying number of scholarships offered, we regret that we cannot offer this level of personal service at the present time. The emphasis of PhDSeek.com is on promoting PhD projects and programmes available within Australia.

PhDSeek.com is a listing service provided free of charge to universities and institutes to advertise their PhD’s that are based in Australia.

PhDSeek.com is a website where individuals can browse and discover PhD’s available within Australia, as advertised by the universities and institutes themselves.

PhDSeek.com is not a company or an agency that provides personal assistance to individuals seeking to conduct a PhD in Australia or those sourcing a scholarship.

There are a number of posts filed within The PhD Logbook that you may wish to read for further assistance:

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